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About the guy behind Roastlechon

What kind of name is "Adelbert"?

What kind of name is Adelbert you ask? Adelbert is Germanic in origin. It is a variant of the name, Adalbert, which is composed of the elements "adal" and "beraht". "Adal" and "beraht" respectively mean noble and bright.

How did I get this name? Well, my father's name is Adelberto; I am assuming my dad named me after himself, just without the "O". I will have to ask my parents the next time I see them.

What defines Adelbert?

So you want to know more about me, eh?

I am defined by my family and friends, people, and the places around me. Pop culture, the internet, and every day interactions impact who and what I have become.

I like playing games, programming, designing, cooking, eating, working out, and sleeping! I like going out, but I can also be a hermit sometimes.

A good few cups of coffee gets me going in the mornings.

What is Roastlechon?

Roastlechon has been my alias for years. The name is a reflection of my love for food and my cultural background. I grew up cooking and eating delicious food. Lechon is a common Filipino pork dish featuring a roasted pig. I added in "Roast" and thus the alias Roastlechon was born.

Why do you code? Why development? Why not dinosaur excavation instead?

I have a passion for learning new technologies and exploring better ways to do things. Early in life, technology influenced me to begin creating HTML web pages, web sites, and web applications.

I discovered PHP when I first tried to create my own Dragon Ball Z fansite. (At the time I was only using PHP for includes). I started off my designs with complex table layouts before eventually learning CSS, divs, and floats.

A few years later, I began exploring more about web design and development before coming across the concept of Content Management Systems. I played around with a few PHP scripts and after a while, WordPress came out. Around the time of high school, I started freelancing on my own time. I designed a couple themes, created some logos and graphic work, and began learning more of the development side.

In college, I increased my rates and worked on a few projects. During my senior year, I started an internship with UPS. After graduating, I became a full-time Java developer for UPS. I shifted from a front-end role to more of a back-end role. I took an in depth look into Java, learning the ins and outs of enterprise style programming, while also staying up to date with new technologies and softwares.

I occasionally work on projects on my spare time such as the ones on the sidebar. Every so often, I would accept other freelance work.

I attribute my reason for coding due to my curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Dinosaur excavation is similar in a sense that we excavate dinosaur remains just like we code to solve a business need. In my opinion, coding is less about the syntax and variables but more about the process of solving a problem. When digging for dinosaur bones, one must plan out the site of excavation, determine the possible location of the remains, and execute the dig. Much like software development, we follow a systematic process of development.

I code because I like to solve problems. I wouldn't dig, because that's hard labor. (Although I don't mind hard labor every now and then.)

Where do you see web development in 10 years? What genre of platforms will be used, code language evolution, etc?

This is a tough question since I am not at the forefront of the industry. I constantly read about the forefront of the industry and watch/follow where it goes. As an observer, I see web development still playing catch-up with browser compatibility, multiple device resolutions, and fragmented browser features.

Maybe in two or three years, I would hope that Internet Explorer 6/7/8 would die. I would hope that browser vendor prefixes would no longer be needed and instead be agreed upon standards.

The genre of platforms in which web development would play apart could increase to any device. As devices become powerful enough, web applications would be able to be run anywhere. (This would follow the pattern of the decrease in desktop applications.)

As for code language evolution, I cannot imagine what the next language would be. (I think it takes a crazy genius person to be able to create a new coding language.)

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