Starting from scratch

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Hello again

I haven’t posted or created content here in a very long time. This is my way of starting from scratch. Normally I am too picky to use an existing framework, theme, or plugin, but today I have the itch to create and write content.

The blog you are reading right now is generated using Hexo, a Node.js static site generator. Hexo is similar in nature to Jekyll, but uses Node.js under the hood.

I am using the Cactus theme for added simplicity so that I can jump right in and create content.

Some reasons I like Hexo is because it is statically generated (I can host this for free on Github), and I can use Markdown to write my content.

I love using Markdown because it’s an easy way to create content without adding an abundance of HTML tags.

As a developer, I write notes in Markdown format for its easy code formatting.

// This is how I can write code in a Markdown block using backticks (grave accent).
function helloWorld() {
    console.log('Hello world!');


My goal with is to write content frequently to share my thoughts, tips, tricks, and various progressions with my hobbies. Nothing I post will ever be “complete” and will consistently be an on-going project.

I have learned that sometimes it is best to just create content early and often, and follow up and correct it later. My problem when I created was that I never established a cadence of creating content. Sometimes I get caught up in the control of creating content (like a coding project and a blog) that I would get hung up in the weeds and never get anything finished.

Final thoughts

This is just the beginning! See you in the next post.